Robert Shih

      Associate Chief of Neuroradiology
      American Institute for Radiologic Pathology
      Chief of Neuroradiology and MRI
      Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
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      The American Institute of Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) course (attended by 95% of US radiology residents) provides a pathophysiologic understanding of disease as the basis for radiologic interpretation. AIRP faculty also run body system specific international courses for radiologists who cannot attend the US course.
      For the 2018 AIRP Singapore Course, we are privileged to have Doctor Robert Shih, Chief of Neuroradiology and MRI at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Associate Chief of Neuroradiology for the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology, to speak on neuroimaging.


      Key Details

      • Date: May 13, 2018 (Sunday)
      • Time: 8:00am to 2:40pm
      • Location: Peridot 206, Level 2, MAX Atria, Singapore Expo
      • Cost:
        • Resident: $450 SGD
        • Non-Resident: $550 SGD
      • Notes:
        • AIRP Registration is inclusive of a RadiologyAsia conference pass.
        • If you wish to upgrade your pass to an AIRP pass, please email radiologyasia@singex.com.




      Topics covered during the course will be:
      1. Cerebral Tumors
      2. Spinal Tumors
      3. Pineal Region Masses
      4. Vascular Malformations
      5. White Matter Diseases
      6. Infectious Diseases
      7. Neuro Jeopardy (interactive seminar)
      At the end of the course, participants should be able to:
      • Apply the principles of radiologic-pathologic correlation to the interpretation of radiologic studies
      • Understand the clinical and treatment implications of diseases with characteristics radiologic appearances
      • Refine differential diagnoses based on specific imaging features related to their underlying pathology.
      (Note: Includes access to RadiologyAsia conference; Lunch and 2 tea breaks are provided)


      Programme Overview

       0800 - 0850
       Cerebral Tumors
       0850 - 0940
       Spinal Tumors
       0940 - 0950
       Coffee Break
       0950 - 1040
       Pineal Region Masses
       1040 - 1130
       Vascular Malformations
       1130 - 1220
       White Matter Diseases
       1220 - 1300
       1300 - 1350
       Infectious Diseases
       1250 - 1440
       Neuro Jeopardy